North Hollywood Filming Locations - 4 Studios Available

Film Location Los Angeles combines the benefits of a fully furnished loft location with some of the helpful features of professional stages. Conveniently located in North Hollywood, Film Location Los Angeles is minutes away from the Burbank Media district and provides film production facilities totaling over 18,000 square feet and parking for over 80 vehicles. Goathouse Loft, Goathouse Annex, TTS Loft and Studio A are available for both daily and long term productions.

Both 4,200 square foot Goathouse Loft and 5800 square foot TTS Loft, with their architecturally industrial modern design, furniture and props, feel like artist residential spaces and are ideal filming locations for commercials, episodic television, motion pictures, music videos, infomercials, and reality shows. For convenience, we have installed Cam-Lok electrical hook ups, 500 amps of available power, 13 tons of air-conditioning, huge styling and make-up areas as well as a craft services kitchens and space for production offices. Ground floor access, including two 10' cargo doors and 5000 sq. ft. of parking lot with room for trucks, gennys and trailers, makes equipment and Art Department load-in incredibly easy. Production designers will find that Goathouse Loft is the perfect solution for an interior loft location with working fixtures, flats, decor and props.

The 7000 sq.ft. Annex, located directly adjacent to Goathouse Loft, is available as an open stage when a larger space is required for you to build sets for your production. The Annex has 600 amps of power, 23 tons of air-conditioning, 14' ceilings, three 10' cargo doors, and access for trucks.

Last but not least, Studio A, located directly across from Goathouse Loft, provides a 1500 square foot space that can be used for filming or for production offices, green room, extras holding area or even catering. It is well insulated, air-conditioned and equipped with a small but stylish kitchen and features 200 amp Cam-Lok hook -ups, Wi- Fi and fax line as well as black-out capability.

Film Location Los Angeles has great characteristics to help make your production a success. Lots of space, lots of parking and lots of possibilities. Most of all, we truly care about customer service and do everything we can to help make your experience with us a good one.

Caren Dunn of Make It Happen Productions described Goathouse Loft as "the best stage experience I have had in the past 20 years."

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